Combining innovation, precision, and multi-functionality.

Combining innovation, precision, and multi-functionality.

The Bergs3in1 bag with three easily changeable sizes in one.

Range Bergs3in1

Love to pack the kitchen sink? Us too. If you look like a pack mule by the end of the day, it’s the Bergs3in1 you need. With three easily changeable sizes in one, leave your days of being weighed down with shopping bags behind you.

Range BergsFlexy

Do you wish your heavy shoulder bag would magically carry itself? Ok, ok, we can’t do that, but what if you could magic it into a backpack to spread the weight? Yep, we can do that. We haven’t even told you what else it does yet…

The BergsFlexy bagback orange.
The BergsCaddie bag with a comfortable seat attached.

Range BergsCaddie

If you’re Christmas fair mad, a county show enthusiast, or a shopping connoisseur, the BergsCaddie is for you. Shopping till you drop is a thing of the past with a comfortable seat attached, so you can get back to festive wreaths and chew toys in no time.

Range BergsReversibles

Black, red, black, red, black. No this isn’t the start of a joke about rolling down a hill. It’s the ingeniousness of a reversible bag. Not only reversible, this design has not one, not two, but NINE ways to wear. Go on, see for yourself.

The BergsReversibles bag black and red colours combination.