Bergs3in1 Multifunctional Bag Orange

Bergs3in1 Multifunctional Bag Orange

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£ 40.00 
This intelligent solution is about to become your most faithful companion. Have you ever wished for a bigger bag? We’ve all been there. What starts out as a handbag, unzips to become an oversized shopper, and then unzips again to become a wheelable bag. We told you it was clever.
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Could you think of a better product to help with your weekly shop, exhibitions and fairs, and weekend trips? Fully compliant with all major airlines, this design has all the room needed for your weekend getaway. Whether you’re using this bag casually for your gym kit and yoga mat, grocery shopping, or weekend picnics, or if you’re a professional such as a hairdresser, an artist, or a teacher using the Bergs 3in1 to store your kit, there’s plenty of room for it all.

  • Multifunctional and easy to transform.
  • Lightweight.
  • Water-resistant material.
  • Sturdy, easy to maintain.
  • Comfortable silky adjustable straps.
  • Suitable for all major airlines restrictions as cabin size luggage.

Size specifications in cm:

  • Handbag: 30(H) 45(L) 15(W)
  • Oversized shopper: 55(H) 45(L) 15(W)
  • Wheelie bag: 65(H) 45(L) 15(W)

Total weight: 980g.

13 amazing colours and patterns to choose from.

This design is available in classic tones such as grey and navy, as well as a variety of eye-catching colours and patterns. Whether you’re a sunshine yellow kind of person or just dotty about prints, there’s a bag for you.

£ 24.99 
Spiral Pattern Shopping Trolley
Spiral Pattern Shopping Trolley
£ 24.99 
Chequered Shopping Trolley
Chequered Shopping Trolley
£ 24.99 
Butterflies Shopping Trolley
Butterflies Shopping Trolley
£ 29.99 
Striped Shopping Trolley
Striped Shopping Trolley

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