Working like a Russian doll, this is the bag that just keeps giving.

Ideal for the busy bees of the world. This bag can see you from the office, to the bar, to the shopping mall. Alternatively, the perfect travel companion. Compliant with all airline requirements, there’s simply no need to pack many different bags anymore when you can just pack the BergsReversible. So you can pack that 7th pair of shoes, no eyebrows raised.

As you might have guessed from its name, the BergsReversible is fully reversible, with 5 colourways to choose from. But we’re not done yet. The product includes not only the tote bag, but also a smaller cross-body bag, with a detachable strap, which can be removed to create a clutch, and a purse. All bags can be used individually or as a combination. The detachable strap is interchangeable between the tote and the cross-body bag.

What’s different about BergsDesigns bags?

Here at BergsDesigns, we LOVE helping you get more out of your bag because we firmly believe that 1 bag, shouldn’t have just 1 purpose. Our ranges are full of inventive designs that will leave you feeling WOW-ed. Unlike fast-fashion bag companies, our hand-crafted ranges are made to stand the test of time, so you can buy just the one bag, saving money, space and the environment. Better designs. Better quality. Better value. Simple.

Range BergsReversibles

A classic tote bag that can fit your laptop or your shopping. The little purse can be used with the tote or on its own as a wrist bag.

Range BergsReversibles

To complete the set, there's a handy crossbody / shoulder bag, just the right size for an ipad or kindle. And what's more, the tote is reversible: just turn it inside out!

Range BergsReversibles

Is a crossbody bag preferable? No problem: take the strap off the crossbody bag and attach it on the tote. Can keep using the former bag as a compartment inside the tote!

Why do we use vegan leather?

What even is vegan leather? This material mimics natural leather, and is as tough and long-lasting as the real thing, without the use of all the toxic chemicals that are used to treat real leather. It’s also cruelty-free and just as waterproof as traditional leather.

How to use!

Reversing the tote bag

The bag inside as a shoulder or crossbody bag

Moving the strap to the tote bag